Long Neckie Ladies Collection by 12-year-old Nyla Hayes

Nyla Hayes is 12 years old.  She also happens to be the artist and creator of the sensational 3,333 piece collection of gracefully long-necked ladies celebrating a love of beauty, fashion and women, and tying in to her childhood love of Brontosaurus. When Nyla was younger, she called her favorite creature the Brontosaurus 'Long Neckie', hence the name and trending hashtag, #longneckieladies.  The collection was created in collaboration with Andi Rutz of Rutz Studios.

During Nyla's Long Neckie Lady drop on Clubhouse, Nyla was invited into the TIME magazine room being moderated by none other than Keith Grossman, a long-time supporter of the NFT art space. News of Nyla's Long Neckie Ladies traveled fast and far, with Tyra Banks even chiming in with a personal voice message!  

Nyla and her mother have mapped out dedicated milestones along their journey in the NFT space to help introduce and educate children on all things NFT and to provide a safe space uniquely for children to collaborate and talk about their art, and to get children started on their creative journey in the NFT world. They have a dedicated Discord server for their cause, Kids on the Blockchain. They have already completed their first milestone, which is purchasing land in Somnium Space to build a space for kids in the Metaverse!

Nyla's work can be found on Opensea, and a link to all her works is here. Can't wait to hear about their special announcement next week!