Astrid Pilla
NFT Creator Tours

"This is truly a full-circle moment for me", says Founder of NFT Creator Tours, Astrid Pilla. "Growing up in a European/American household, traveling to Holland with my mother as a child and living in France for a number of years out of college really solidified my love of Art, Fashion and even Architecture that stayed with me throughout my life. And a true passion for color. “Having a mother from the Netherlands where bright colors are prevalent, whether clothing or across the fields of never-ending tulips, there is always color.” Astrid laughs as she says, “To the dismay of my mother, I was always wearing black in high school.”  

“But I never took my creative side very seriously”, says Astrid. “I always thought I needed a business degree to be successful. So that’s what I did”.  

Astrid realizes now that she used that creativity all along without realizing it. Together with her Business degree in French, Business and Marketing and working at stints in Paris for a tax attorney responsible for the largest luxury group in the world, Kering, then later in the accounting department at a top modeling agency,  those two industries really introduced her to the big business of Fashion and Luxury and all the behind-the scenes work required to be successful. Her largest success to date was building a luxury medical practice still known today for its stand-out care and above and beyond service.  Responsible for creating all marketing materials, online campaigns, instagram/twitter, contests, events, blog posts, articles, website design and content, creation of outreach and charitable programs giving back to local schools and to US troops overseas, programs which are still in use to this day.  All  high profile / celebrity clients were placed under Astrid's expert care.  

The experience of co-coaching two FIRST Lego League teams, (a Robotics program created by Dean Kamen and heavily supported by, that her sons were a part of (both teams went on to win awards at the FLL World Festival in St. Louis) and her kids' passion for online gaming, and growing up with a world-renowned research scientist and inventor father with a passion for motorsports all lead to the same logical place:  Feeling right at home involved in anything STEM - related and deep-diving into NFT's and the Metaverse.  "I enjoy learning the technical aspect of making digital wearables, and finding out who does it best at the moment.  I want to make sure luxury brands, celebrities and even corporate entities with a desire for a presence in the NFT space, whether through a collaborations or having their own storefront and wearables, have the proper initiation and the right people in place to make that happen.   And if your plan doesn't include wearables that's ok, too!   This space is for every type of Creator and every Brand or Celebrity searching for a way to give back or even create community, to give value to their fans, and even their very own families.   

The NFT space, and particularly the exponential opportunities of being a part of the Metaverse, are exploding all around us and I want to guide you to get it right the first time.  It's all about supporting the community in the Metaverse, just like it is in the NFT space,  and irl.  

"This is your chance to enter WEB3 using expert guidance and care, along with a healthy dose of creativity and technical knowledge to get it done right."